PIC Grants and Business Consultancy

Running a business is no small feat, the variables are constantly shifting and so is the economic climate, meaning that a choice that made sense just a short time ago can have a negative impact on the business at the present time. As such, it is important to have experts by your side that can assist you in the process of transforming your enterprise into a successful venture regardless of the prevailing circumstances and economic climate.

The Singaporean government has placed a lot of emphasis in the increment of productivity and innovativeness of enterprises across the country. They have provided tools and incentives that, if properly applied, can grow small enterprises into stable multinational conglomerates with the passage of time and correct application of resources available.

However, before a business can reach such a level, there are a few challenges that are common among them all. For example, a cash flow constraint which is typical of any startup company, appropriate utilization of limited human capital, translation of information available from various quarters into tools that can be applied to the business for future success, among others.

This is where our team comes in. We have on hand trained and qualified professionals in the financial and economic sectors who can provide adequate information and consultancy services in advisory capacity for your business. We will help you make use of the various government financing options through grants schemes and other incentives to raise the amount of working capital and solve any cash flow constraints you may face.

We also offer process audit and analysis in order to advise on streamlining of processes for the best service delivery for the resources allocated. If you need to raise funds for expansion or some other massive projects, our team will assist you to navigate the various channels of financing available for you as well as which would be your best avenue given your specific set of circumstances.

As a business, you need all the financial backing you can get. Particularly in the early stages to ensure that the business is not swallowed up by avoidable overhead costs that prevent profitability, but also to ensure that good service or product delivery is not sacrificed to increase profit margins. We can help you navigate possibilities of online marketing and e-commerce platforms, effective branding strategies as well as technological advancements that can be incorporated into your business to gain substantial equity in the market within a short period of time.