The 6 benefits provided by PIC Grant to grow your Salon:

One of the revolutionary concepts that have emerged in the recent times is the growth of the Salon industries – just to meet the demands for beautification of hair for both men and women. Salon industries has been a promising market and Singapore government has introduced a scheme called PIC grant just to provide a boost for the new emerging industry. Here is a brief introduction about PIC Grant and the 6 Benefits they ensure for rapid growth of the industries all over Singapore.

What is PIC Grant?

Singapore Government has launched an incentive in 2011, which funds many business firms which helps to deduce tax payments and cash payments in varied fields of business such as Research and Development, Trademark registration, Training of Employees, Intellectual Property etc. PIC Grant Singaporehas provided a base for the Salon industries to flourish in Singapore thereby empowering small-scale business to flow with ease.

How to get PIC Grant?

PIC Grant Consultant in Singapore provides all the necessary information required to obtain PIC Grant, which ultimately provides up to $60,000 cash payout per year to the active business operations in Singapore.

The 6 Benefits PIC Grant provide to the Salon Industries:

PIC Grant Singapore must meet some proper eligibility criteria for the growth of Salon industries. Here is the list of few requirements:

  1. Obtaining genuine trade name: This is the foremost thing to be achieved before flourishing the business properly. This reduces the chances of infringement by other local competitors for the sake of their benefit. PIC Grant Consultant then only provides such business the PIC Grant, and also ensures a cash bonus and insurance claim up to $15,000.
  2. Use of Genuine hair care products:  The second step for setting up of Salon business is the usage of some acknowledged hair care products – like shampoos, conditioners, serum etc just to meet the needs of different customers. Research and Development team comes in handy where they serve to acquire the knowledge about the best products their clients prefer. PIC Grant covers the business claims for proper growth of Salon.
  3. Some standard hair treatments: Intellectual Property Rights team does the ardent research about some typical hair treatments, which their clients will favor. This ensures that other local competitors do not get an upper hand when it comes in hair treatment of their clients.
  4. Use of appropriate technologies:  Application of modern day hair treatment technologies ensures the growth of reputation for a perfect Salon. Research and Development team targets the varied technologies required for the appropriate use of the smooth functioning of the treatment devices. This popularizes the salon among its clients, thereby creating a web of development for the salon business to flourish.
  5. Skilled Labor – PIC Grant Consultant provides PIC Grant to those salon industries, which can hire at least 3 local trained employees to manage the salon. Employee Training ensures that the employees are capable of operating the modern technological devices and skillfully provide appropriate hair treatment to their clients.
  6. Effective Cost Maintenance – Every business firm wants to maintain their production cost effectively to ensure long-term benefits. Applying for PIC Grants helps to deduce the taxes and cash payout operations. It also ensures a bonus to certain flourishing salons a bonus up to $60,000.

Therefore, it is now lucid that a lucrative policy has been started by the Singapore Government for the benefit of the Salon industries. The recently launched PIC Grant 2014 scheme allows a tax reduction of $600K per year or 60% cash payout until the year 2018.

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